Children’s Classes

CSDF’s children’s program is built on the solid principal of its tenets: Honor, Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, Courage, Community, Strength, Humility & Knowledge.

Our mission is to empower students to enrich their personal, artistic and professional lives through Krav Maga training.
We believe it is our duty to prepare our students for the responsibilities of citizenship. Our students are challenged to do what is right and ethical, despite skepticism and despite the pull of the outside world.

There are specialized classes specific to each groups unique needs.

Students can start any time and blend into the academy with other beginners.

Annually qualified instructors are dedicated to excellence and continuing education.

Students move forward at their own rate and not as a class unit.

Programs Offered

Tiger Cubs – Ages 4 & 5 year olds

Juniors – Ages 6-13 years olds

Program Focus:


-Mind & Body Fitness

-Life Skills

-Personal Protection

Program Benefits:

-Get into Shape!

-Relieve Stress

-Self-Defense Skills

-Positive Work Values

-Academic Values



-Channel Aggressive Energy


-Confidence Building

-To Have Fun!



3:30PM – 4:00PM CUBS.                            

4:00PM – 4:45PM LEVEL 1

 4:45PM – 5:30PM LEVEL 2

5:30PM – 6:15PM LEVEL 3


3:30PM – 4:00PM CUBS.                            

4:00PM – 4:45PM LEVEL 2

4:45PM – 5:30PM LEVEL 3

5:30PM – 6:15PM LEVEL 1